Summit Series Overview

The Aaron's Army Leadership Summit Series is designed to cultivate the leadership skills and nurture the ministry gifts of assistant pastors and associate ministers. Through our annual leadership conference, Turner Memorial is already offering training for dedicated clergy and lay serving in leadership positions in their local churches. This newest initiative however focuses specifically on the development of associate pastors and ministers. This time of sharing and dialogue will bring clergy together with highly regarded pastors, ministry leaders, and thinkers for a time of focused dialogue and reflection.

The Aaron's Army Leadership Summit Series was initially conceived by Dr. Gadson during the summer of 2016. Impressed by her church's ability to cultivate a culture of leadership among our mostly unpaid bi-vocational associate ministers, Leadership Education at Duke Divinity approached Dr. Gadson about a potential grant opportunity upon the completion of her doctoral studies.

Because of his continual commitment to developing other leaders, Dr. Gadson immediately reached out to Pastor Kearney to partner with her and provide pastoral leadership to this effort. With Pastor Kearney's guidance and innovative thinking, he expanded Dr. Gadson's original vision into a three part summit series, giving us the ability to create multiple experiences for clergy serving throughout the D.C. metro region.



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DMV Summit October 28, 2017

College Park Marriott & Conference Center
College Park, Maryland

Iron Sharpens Iron-
Fruitful Connection for Effective Ministry

Featuring Rev. Janae Pitts-Murdock

During this summit Rev. Murdock will lead us in a time of sharing and exploration focusing on what it means for us as associate ministers to partner with pastoral leadership and cultivate a fruitful working relationship. Areas of discussion will include:

  • Exploring the benefit of being in partnership with your senior pastor to execute ministry
  • Reframing the understanding of the
    pastor/associate relationship
  • Working through a strained relationship
    with your senior pastor
  • Establishing healthy boundaries and setting proper expectations
  • Learning the heart of your pastor as it relates to the direction of the ministry
  • Supporting the vision of your pastor while staying true to your individual call and purpose

An afternoon session will be led by Pastor Kearney, Dr. Gadson, and other invited guests for a discussion of very practical and immediately applicable ways associate ministers can enhance their ministries and create opportunities both within and beyond their church homes.

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November 18, 2017

Greenbelt Marriott
Greenbelt, Maryland

Who do you say I am?-
Preaching and Ministerial Identity

Featuring Rev. Dr. Frank A. Thomas

During this summit, Dr. Thomas, who many consider to be the foremost expert on preaching of our time, will lead us in discussion and exploration of the connection between preaching and ministerial identity. Areas of discussion include:

  • Exploring the connection between ministerial identity and the preaching moment
  • Finding your authentic voice as a preacher and avoid the pitfalls of imitation
  • Learning to embrace the uniqueness of your particular preaching style
  • Discovering how to cultivate your preaching gift even when you are not preaching on a weekly basis
  • Acquiring additional tools to further develop and grow as a preacher
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December 16, 2017

College Park Marriott & Conference Center
College Park, Maryland

A Seat at the Table-
Creating Effectual Doors of Opportunity in Ministry

Featuring Rev. Dr. Martha Simmons

During this summit Dr. Simmons will lead us in a discussion that explores ways to create and maximize opportunities in ministry that align with both the vision of your church home and your vision for individual ministry. Areas of discussion include:

  • Understanding the vision of the house you are serving and finding ways to fit within that vision
  • Best practices for supporting the vision while enhancing your own ministry skills and experience
  • What to do when your gifts or area of interest do not easily fit into the vision of the house
  • Creating opportunities both within your church home and beyond