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About the Leaders

The Senior Pastor

The Minister of Leadership Growth & Development


Rev. Dr. D.K. Kearney

Senior Pastor & Conference Host

D.K. Kearney is the beloved Pastor of Turner Memorial AME Church in Hyattsville, MD. Pastor Kearney is known as a powerful preacher of the Gospel, cutting edge leader of God’s people as well as a Leadership Coach. He has helped many to reach their fullest potential and restore their life and community. Pastor Kearney has courageously refused to accept mediocrity in ministry. He is biblically based and Holy Spirit led which has exhibited transformations in the lives of the congregations he has served. Pastor Kearney’s extraordinary vision, unconventional leadership and prophetic calling has the congregations to grow in worship, discipleship, leadership, stewardship, and fellowship.


Rev. Dr. Natasha
Jamison Gadson

Minister of Leadership
Growth and Development
& Conference Convener

Rev. Dr. Natasha Jamison Gadson is a preacher, teacher, consultant, and strategist. Her open and transparent style has been a tremendous asset to her ministry, allowing her to connect with and effectively serve God’s people. Dr. Gadson joined the staff of Turner Memorial AME Church under the leadership of Pastor D.K. Kearney in 2016 where she serves as the Minister of Leadership Growth & Development. In her current role, Dr. Gadson is responsible for providing leadership to the church's ministry leaders for the purpose of evaluating ministry effectiveness, facilitating long term strategic planning, and creating opportunities for training and development both within and beyond the walls of the church.