Why Do Associate Ministers Need a Gathering?

Just a few short weeks ago, the Second Episcopal District of the AME Church gathered together on the historic and scenic campus of Hampton University. Walking across campus, my legs quickly reminded me that I am no longer 20 years old as I reminisced about the beloved HBCUs I attended. My favorite place on campus was the beautiful chapel that hosted us all week for our clergy retreat.

It was wonderful to see all of the pastors and colleagues in ministry I don't often get to see. Yet while the presentations were excellent, they had a distinct target audience- senior pastors. Many of the presentations focused on things seniors pastors needed to be doing and even the self-care presentations were offered from the perspective of the senior pastorate. I still think it was important for associate ministers to be in the room and hear the dialogue, but it emphasized all the more why associates need to be intentional about gathering together to address our needs and give voice to our experiences from the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th or 5th) chair. When we engage in the kind of self-reflection that our senior pastors exemplified, we will be more effective in our service and more proactive in assuming personal responsibility for our success in ministry.

The Aaron's Army Leadership Summit Series for Associate Pastors & Ministers seeks to be exactly that type of gathering and is open to minister of all denominations. Each summit features an exceptional and influential church leader who will facilitate the beginning of much needed conversations. Thanks to funding from Leadership Education at Duke Divinity, the registration cost of this phenomenal gathering is minimal. Register now, space is limited!